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So whats this all about?
Well it's about webcomics and animation of course! There are many, many webcomics out there and a fair few have animations such as MS Paint Adventures by Andrew Hussie, and Kid Radd by Dan Miller.
So what makes Commotion Comics any different?
Well I try and make only looping animations, without beggining or end. I catch a moment in time, but a moving moment. I currently work alone, so all illustration, colouring and animation you see is done by my own hand.
Tell us a little about yourself.
Well I studied Illustration and Animation at University and somehow managed to get a 2.1. I have always enjoyed webcomics and have wanted to make my own for a long time. I live in the U.K.I hope that you enjoy my efforts, feel free to contact me with your thoughts, or just to say hi!
Update So The comic is currently not animated due to program issues and a lack of funds. I hope to get back to animating the comic as soon as possible, but in the meantime I'm going to update without animations.
Tristan Cox